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Are you planning an exotic or luxurious vacation? Are you looking for different travel agencies to make your job a little easier and more comfortable? Then, we recently came across the travel agency Exoticca.

This blog is about a review of Exoticca, a UK-based travel agency with its extensive network across the world.

In this blog, we are going to talk about Exoticca, its travel packages, the pros and cons. Apart from that, let’s take a look at the reviews of people who have booked their Exoticca trip.

What is Exoticca?

Before entering the exam section, it is very important to know exotiqueca and its services.

Exoticca is a global luxury travel agency and its mission is to make everyone’s dream trip come true. They have a team of around 50 artisans and curators who design your trips and vacation packages. They have short and long travel options available. Exoticca is a member of the ABTA Travel Association. In fact, all his trips are protected by ATOL.

They have unique ideas and itineraries to make your trip comfortable and memorable. The destinations are quite interesting and existing. From hotels to services, everything is up to the task. In fact, all of their hotels are at least 3.5 stars (out of 5) rated on TripAdvisor. It has received over 65% good reviews from various users.

Some of the best selling travel packages:

  1. Brazil and Argentina for 15 days at £ 1,599.
  2. Peru for 14 days at £ 1,549
  3. Jordan for 9 days at £ 1,099
  4. Russia for 8 days at £ 699.
  5. Ecuador for 12 days at £ 1,799.
  6. The Maldives for 9 days at £ 1,449.
  7. India for 13 days at £ 1,149

Some of the places they offer to explore

  1. America
  2. Africa
  3. Asia
  4. Europe


Booking your international travel with Exoticca has the following advantages:

  1. Exoticca has free cancellation on all of their trips.
  2. They offer some of the most economical packages.
  3. They have the most innovative and creative ideas to make your trip comfortable within the budget.
  4. There are travel deals available for a limited time.
  5. They have the most existing ideas for travel destinations.
  6. They have short and long trips available.


It’s always a great idea to learn from the experiences of others. Their travel experiences could prove useful. Feedback plays an important role in every community. If we talk about reviews, around 65% of reviews are good and people liked their services. Transactions, online reservations and services such as electronic tickets are quite smooth and fast. All of their hotels are at least 3.5 stars and the hotel services are quite good and adequate.

At the same time, some are not happy with their cancellation policies. Many of them who booked the trip for March were not reimbursed. Some are not happy with the hotels they offer or the taxi services. Some of them even complained that the taxi did not come to pick them up.

Exoticca is one of the most reliable and easily accessible travel agencies, offering luxury vacation travel on a budget. Hope this blog could have helped you. Browse their original website and take a look at the comments of others. It’s always a good idea to contact someone who has already taken their travel package.

Plan accordingly and decide what is right for you. Bad service can ruin all the excitement!

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